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After so many years of my "custom built" dual point distributor by a Ford dealership parts guy in OH, I'm thinking maybe a good HEI might be in order. Ever since I've had a "professionally" rebuilt Windsor installed, I've been less than impressed with the performance. Compression was calc'd at 9.5, and had an Edelbrock 448/472 lift (low 200's duration 50 over). What I do like about the dual points is that there's no vacuum advance.

Anyone got a good used one (good brand, none like Procomp), or fresh in the box, you'd be willing to send my way ($?)? Eric the cheap. If only we had some "cheap" politicians...

If anyone's interested, the 351W dualie has less than 500 miles on it, and looks new. Also still have the dualie in the box for my 351C, which is far more radical (upper 500's lift Crane cam, duration forgot for 521211 - no longer made, I guess). She'll never run. 15 years since I had the money to burn, and still she sits bolted to my engine stand.

Neat story is that George Montgomery (Dayton/Fairborn, OH) is featured at the back page of Car Craft, and his son did my head conversion to 4-barrel valves.
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