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Which one, analog or digital? How do you know it's accurate, because they told you so?

There are so many tire gauges on the market today and they all say theirs is the best. There are programmable digital ones with all the bells and whistles and there are the simple analog ones. Oh, and there are the plunger type but I'm not going there!! There are some good ones though.

So what is the difference between them? It's obvious. One is electronic and the other is mechanical. One runs on a battery, the other runs on air pressure.
Let that sink in for a minute.

How do you know the tire gauge you bought is accurate? You don't unless you have it tested. I'll get to that.

What profession HAS to have the most accurate tire gauge? I can think of two right off the bat. Racing and Aircraft. Tires are taken to the extreme in both of these industries. The correct tire pressure is mandatory!

I am not really a fan of battery operated tire gauges. Batteries go bad after a while, maybe years but they still go bad.

In my opinion, analogs are the best but which ones?

Analog tire gauges with brass internals, a 360 degree swivel head and locking pressure feature with a pressure relief button.

The 100 PSI JACO ELITEPRO is one brand. I bought two of these. One with the hose and one without. Both tested were within 1/2 pound off the shelf.
Study the design if this one. You will see a few more that look the same but with a different name.

The reason I am writing this, I just bought a set of tires. Before I drove my car home I checked the tire pressure, they were 7 psi over inflated!

If you would like to have your tire gauge tested just search the net for (tire gauge calibration) in your local area or go to any airport and talk to a aviation AP mechanic.
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