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If I understand the catalog correctly, it does matter which color of POR-15 to use for specific purposes. Which color do I need for the following two applications;

Priming bare metal on the roof, which will have a vinyl roof put over the top,


Coating the inside of the roof, inside door skins, and wherever else I can find more surface rust.


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There is a slight difference between the colors, but not much with the exception of Silver which includes metal filings designed to help fill in heavily pitted areas.

The other colors (Black Gloss, Black semi-gloss, Gray, Clear) are all pretty much the same although clear gives the best protection by a hair only because it doesn't include any pigment to interfere with adhesion.

The Black semi-gloss is what we sell the most of probably because its so versitile and we recommend Silver for anyone with heavily pitted areas they need to build back up.

Just remember that POR-15 is UV sensitive and must be topcoated if its going to be exposed to direct sunlight. For best results if you're going to top coat use the POR-15 Tie Coat primer which is designed to adhere to POR-15 and then accept any top coating (it goes on thicker than POR-15 rust preventative coatings and easily sands smooth for a quality finish).

I should also note that there are several different coatings in the POR-15 product line. There's POR-15 rust preventative coatings which give the best protection against rust (and as mentioned are UV sensitive - their color breaks down in direct sunlight). Then there's the top coats and Hardnose colors which are designed to go over POR-15 or anywhere else that you need a tough chip and crack resistant coating (some people love this stuff on their concrete floors). There are a few clear coats, some engine enamels and high-temp coatings too. Just remember that you need the POR-15 Anti-Rust coatings to stop the rust and the rest for added protection or use in other places.

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