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I am looking to replace the plain Jane wheels on my XR7 (hubcaps at present) with the original style mag wheels that it came with back it the day. I see that they come in a variety of different sizes and remember back in High School when I had my first one if you put the wrong wheels and tires on there was a rubbing problem. I would like to run radial tires and am looking at the 14X6, 14X7 as well as the 15X6 and 15X7. Wonder if anyone has any experience with a good combination that get a little wider stance but does not have issues with tires rubbing when turning or having tires too tall that they expand at highway speeds and rub. I am hoping to avoid this problem.
Any suggestions or experiences are much appreciated. Would hate to lay out the kind of cash it will cost for four new corners on the car and then wind up hating them because they don't fit properly. My car is basically stock in it stance if this makes any difference or helps with selection.
I appreciate any and all help.
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