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What width are these wheels?

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Can't find any stampings on my wheels that indicate the size, the only thing is "K1" near the valve stem. I'm of course assuming these are 14" by 7". Can't really get an accurate measurement, don't know from where to where the width is determined. Thinking of going to a 245/60R-14 in the rear, which I know will fit on a 7" wide wheel.
Also, any idea if these are "real" Ford wheels, or are they some kind of repop? Were on the car when I got it. Pic is without the trim ring on it.
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Those look like stock 1969 - 1970 styled steel wheels. They only came in 14 X 6.
Can you put a 60 series tire on a 6" rim?!?
You can but it would likely hit the front ball joint and / or rub the front inner fender.

Can you put a 60 series tire on a 6" rim?!?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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