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Welcome Discount Tire!

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We would like to welcome Discount Tire as our newest supporting vendor!
Please take a moment to visit their site:
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Great! I've bought tires from this outfit in the past. Now to line up a few more tire vendors like (where I bought my trailer tires), (where I bought tires for Wife's '04 Crown Vic Sport (poor man's Marauder)), ...
I bought my Mickey Thomson drag radials two years ago at the tire store that has a on-site store at the local track. Same price as any of these mail-order places. They do a good business because they're there at the track, have racing tires (drag radials, and slicks) and they also have trailer tires in stock! You'd be amazed at how many trailer tires go bad on the way to the track!

In fact, one of my racing buddies had two trailer tires go bad this past weekend! Thankfully, one on the way to- and one on the way home from the track! Always carry a spare!!!!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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