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never a good thing to my 1967 C4 . my trans was shifting oddly when it got hot for a couple of weeks, i thought the bands were slipping because while there was slippage the gears would engage and we'd go along fine.

i even took it down to the nationals where i won a plaque for daily driver. but since i've had this car for so long 22 years, i'd gotten complacent in checking everything i.e water. yes i checked the trans fluid which was fine.

well finally taking it in to people who rebuilt my rear end and axels and leaving it with them after a road test which they thought my clutch having groves in it causing the slippage and grab.

which called for a rebuild so i said yes. they called me saying the problem had been caused by my rad rupturing into the trans cooler lines. yes i had a trans cooler hooked up in series from pulling a trailer some years ago. i thought i''d done in parallel but nooo.

i never saw my temp gauge reading hot, i do keep an eye on these things, but i had lost so much water the gauge doesn't read air.

they told me, which is the reason of this post, that the new rad coolant doesn't turn the FA trans fluid murky white as i 'd always thought.

well for me i feel lucky that the block didn't crack and it was only the trans and rad. i'd never had any problem with the trans but had replaced the rad with a three core a long time ago. once coming across the desert the solder on the rad top did melt and i had to rebuild it there, a mile from a rad shop. re-core re-solder and i was on my way. it was 106 when i let las vegas at 6 am, i did make it to calif before cat gave out and pulled into LA at 8p. long day

so it was time but not great time in my life and it's only money but it does keep me awake at night. oh well

warning warning will robinson, a better life through chemistry
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