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Looking for clean, no rust, no body work 68 CAT. Preferences are XR7, GT, manual. Will certainly consider other variations, but biggest thing is that it not need bodywork and hopefully not need paint. I can do the mechanicals and actually enjoy doing them, but my bodywork skills are either non-existant, or suck.

I am looking to trade, no cash. I have almost a complete automotive machine shop of equipment to trade towards this CAT. The more you want, the better CAT. The equipment is, of course also for sale, but my goal is to trade towards my desired CAT.

I will be glad to provide a list of all the available equipment to those who might be interested. If the rules allow, I will post the list here in Cougars Wanted, but need to know if it's OK before I do that.

Contact me for the list. Photos available for almost all of the equipment. I have a boring bar and stand, tubing cutter (for those of you who do your own driveshafts), a huge TIG, seat & guide machine, head surfacer (belt), complete rod shop, cylinder hone, and more.

Thank you for reading...anyone want to trade??
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