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I just posted almost 1000 Sun Tune Up Sheets in my EBay Store. These sheets were originally designed for mechanics to use for specifications when tuning a car. Each sheet has specifications and part numbers specific to each individual application. These sheets are great for reference as well as display since they paint a portrait of the car's engine bay. I have a few of these displayed in my shop and they often get more attention that the cars themselves.

Since this is a Cougar forum, here is a 1968 Cougar 427 GT-E sheet as an example. I currently have every sheet from 1957-1970 listed. These were sold in sets and each set came with one of each sheet. Once the sheet sells, it is gone so don't hesitate.

The sheet shown above can be found in the link below:

1968 Cougar GT-E 427 Engine Sun Tune Up Sheet CLICK HERE

Here is a link to my Ebay Store. The tune up sheets are broken up by catagories of years and then subcatagories of make for easier browsing:

Sun Tune Up Sheets CLICK HERE


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