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So, it's pretty obvious what this thread is about.

The paint on my '67 is SO shot, it actually sucks up water during the car wash. I kinda knew, so I used the wet stuff quite sparsely this wednesday (and already got punished for this as I caught a bad cold for not being properly dressed in chilly 40°F).

Let some drops of water sit for a minute, and they will still show for another half an hour, at least.

Time to reconsider my concept of keeping the very authentic and well-used looks!

My father more or less urges me to have the car painted finally, my girl would love it as well, and almost all my friends are pestering me, too - except for a few ones who still dig a naturally-grown "from dusk till dawn"-look that has taken like 30 years to develop (underground parking in Europe helps, too - 90% of the other vehicles are diesel-powered mostly, and their exhaust fumes leave a nice, dark and dusty residue on unprotected surfaces.)

I knew the heap would have to be repainted at one point, but time is flying dang fast! That was three years ago, and as far as I can tell, the colorful stuff once designed to protect the sheetmetal from rust is degrading at a rapid rate.

I was thinking about going back to the original paint, but nobody seems to like that - and even though I find it quite cool, I am not desperate about it as this car is NOT a 100% concourse correct (my '65 Mustang will be period correct, and that's a ten year journey now. Don't need another one like that). It's a mild custom at best, very mild at that.

So, with the authentic Edelbrock F4B, a carter 500cfm (the old one, not an edelbrock), a hellings air cleaner (when was the last one made, again?), long-tube headers and a rebuilt '71 302 block with 289 heads, I thought the color could be something different as well - like dark candy red under like ten coats of clear. You know, something like black cherries, but still clearly showing more red than black.

I mean, right now, I am living a worry-free life wqith this car. If some misguided punk decided to "key it", it wouldn't really matter. If some birds cr*pped on it, it wouldn't really matter. The paint is so bad, it is absolutely worry-free.

On the other side, it is pretty obvious that sooner or later, the car NEEDS to be painted. There is very little rust damage, and I want to keep it that way. Keeping it garaged is one thing, but I want to be able to drive it through some summer rain as well, without the paint getting five pounds heavier and ten times darker until the sun comes out again.

Not to mention my woman wants to wash it as well (that alone should make my decision easy!)

I am cautious, tho; so - any opinions?



(p.s.: header leak will be addressed FIRST, in case some of you worried)

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I say paint it but if you're concerned about damage while you're in parking lots, just put an inexpensive paint job on it and don't use something that would be hard to touch up.

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While reading your entire description up above, I was trying to formulate my answer as I read.

But then Jeff^ said exactly what I was going to say. :ylsup:
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