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Here's a little contribution- hope it helps anyway.

I was checking fluids on the XR7 the other day and noticed a nasty stain on my valve cover near my PCV valve- driver's side (good heavens, I've soiled myself- say like W.C. Fields). Both the PCV valve in the cap grommet and the cap in valve cover appeared <B>wiggly</B>- can I say that here?

Here's what I did: from a spare cap that I found at a wrecking yard last year I gingerly removed the donut shaped paper gasket- it tore anyway. It looked to be about 1/32 in thickness. I traced the outline to a 1/16" gasket material and cut it with an exacto.

Because of wear to both the "ears" on the cap and the flange in the valve cover, I bent the ears back toward the cap with a needle nose pliers- just a bit.

The original Motorcraft grommet in the valve cover gap looked ok; but was not up to the task of keeping the PCV valve in as tight as it used to, so... I got a replacement from the HELP PARTS section over at Auto Zone (they are doing well on the stock market- who knew).

Everything clean and assembled. No more unsightly stains.
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