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I was on my way to Mustangs Unlimited to pick up some parts for my '69 Mustang convertible and decided to take the scenic route over to I-84. I spotted a '68 standard, bench-seat coupe for sale, so I stopped and checked it out. Here are the particulars:

8F91Fxxxxxx (not my car, so respecting the owners rights here), which translates to 68 built in Detroit, standard coupe, 302-2V.

65C = Standard Bench seat coupe
F - Madras Blue Poly.
FK - Pastel Parchment w/ Aqua standard bench seat
09B - February 9, 1968 scheduled build date
21 - Atlanta DSO
5 - 3.00 open
* - (edited) There is an aftermarket shifter that makes me think this is still an automatic, but with a manual-looking shifter added. No idea what transmission. The door plate actually has an asterisk in that spot.

Owner is asking $5K or best offer. Interior is decent, but slightly discolored. Body looks good but has a fresh paint job, so who knows? White vinyl roof has been painted over. There is obvious rust under the vinyl top (lots of bubbling across the front half of the roof). Engine compartment looks clean and has the dress-up kit. I took a bunch of pictures with my digital camera, so if anyone is interested, I'll post them after I size them down.
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