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Anybody need a Straight Chrome Monte Carlo bar???

I bought a straight bar because I have one of the narrow radius aircleaners and thought I would have enough room. Found out that I have plenty of room for the aircleaner but it hits my plugwires at my distributor and my oil filler in my non standard valve covers. Otherwise it fits in the engine compartment perfect.

I will sell to anyone for $18, I purchased at Laurel Mountain Mustang for $24. I will be adding this to the classifieds.

I did install the one piece chrome export brace successfully. WOW! the front-end is definitely quite a bit stiffer. Would have like to get the Monte too :(

Anybody get a Straight Monte Carlo mounted in a 1967 289 and if so what type of distributor and valve covers were you using? My valve covers have a tall oil spout on the passenger side interfering.
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