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The following is from a message posted by Steve Eitzen of the Classic Cougar Network to the List server:

Friends and fellow enthusiasts:

At Lynn Johnson's request, I have the sad duty of making the following

After serving the classic Cougar and Mustang hobbies for more than twenty years, Stang-it has closed its doors. While Lynn initially hoped the Johnson family would be able to keep the company going after Ron's death, a variety of circumstances have made that dream impossible.

As many of you have observed, things have not been running smoothly at Stang-it for some time. As a result, there may be some prepaid orders that have not been filled. Lynn Johnson is very concerned about this situation and has asked me to tell you she intends to make good on all outstanding orders.

However, because of apparent bookkeeping inconsistencies, fulfilling that promise may be difficult. While Lynn has the ability to identify payments that have been made and orders that have been shipped, sorting out the orders which have not been filled will be a time consuming process.

It would speed this process up significantly if those who have placed prepaid orders and have not received their merchandise were able to contact Lynn with that information. Since Lynn currently has no e-mail access and it is not possible to have someone at the shop to answer telephones, TCCN has agreed to help by providing a temporary contact point. If you have placed a prepaid order with Stang-it and have not received your merchandise, please send your name and mailing address, the date and amount of your order, a list of what you ordered, and your method of payment (check or charge) to:

[email protected]

We will pass the information on to Lynn as soon as we receive it. As you can imagine, the process of filling orders and/or issuing refunds will take time. Lynn apologizes for the delays and asks your continued patience while she undertakes the mammoth task of sorting things out.

Please understand that The Classic Cougar Network is offering assistance in this matter out of friendship for the Johnson family and as a service to the classic Cougar community. TCCN has no further authority to act on behalf of Stang-it and is in no way liable or responsible for damages incurred by Stang-it customers.

Long time customers will surely understand that closing Stang-it was a difficult decision and I can assure you that Lynn shares your disappointment in this turn of events.

Keep on Cattin'!

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