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Hi guys,

First my greetings to all of you, proud members of classic Mercury Cougars. I'am from Slovenia and soon I will became a proud owner of Mercury Cougar 1968. I have just reserved the car and if everything go by the plans I will own this great car within 10 days. So I will be very thankfull for any help in final restoration of my car.
First of all I will need nice original (or replica) steering wheel (now has 14'' aftermarket), I am thinking also to put in floor console (autmatic C4 tranny). Car had instaled AC, current owner will give me all hoses and all material, I just need a nice suitable compresor (any clue what is most suitable). I am also thinking in instalation of electric headlight actuator - any suggestion for nice and economical solution?
Car is in great shape, has rebuilt 302 motor & tranny, owner took really nice care of it. He put down also the powersteering mechanism, which is complete and I would like to instaled back, so that my wife can handle the steering also :).
Evereything is in great shape and original except steering wheel and rims - he has now 17'' rims with low profiles tires. So please suggest me, should I change rims to smaller size, any nice models for my car?

So thats it for now, more later when I will have the car at my place.
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