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Regular use of your mirrors is an essential part of safe driving. You need to be aware of what is happening around you all the time. Operating your car or truck with a damaged or missing side view mirror is dangerous. Don’t risk the high cost of tickets or impound fees, or have your vehicle fail inspection. Get direct replacements by Replace for your factory originals at affordable prices. You can read more information about Replace at

Find out more information about direct replacement side mirrors created by Replace here:

* Installs the same as factory unit, requires no modifications;
* Backed by a limited lifetime warranty;
* Good to fit: Mercury Cougar 199;

Here also is a link to general Replace side mirrors installation instructions. Take a look, hope you find it helpful:

Here is a couple of examples:

Find direct replacement power side mirrors by Sherman at CARiD:

* Power, non-heated, non-folding, smooth black;
* Installs the same as factory unit, no modifications required;
* Limited lifetime warranty;
* Listed as a confirmed fit for Mercury Cougar 1997;

Non-foldable, black side mirrors by Dorman:

* Power, non-heated, non-foldable, without turn signal;
* Built to exact OEM dimensions;
* May be painted to match exterior body color;
* Installs with no modifications;
* Backed by a limited lifetime warranty;
* Fit: Mercury Cougar 1997;

Also check out this pair of original style side mirrors by CIPA:

* Power, non-foldaway, non-heated;
* Rust-free, paintable ABS construction;
* Completely street legal;
* One-year warranty;

So, whether you have power mirrors, heated mirrors, folding mirrors or built-in turn signal mirrors, check all available options here: Mercury Cougar side view mirrors at CARiD

Before you hit the road, adjust your side and rear view mirrors so that you have clear visibility in each of them and remember "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".

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Now just provided items that will work on our cars and maybe we will use them.

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In the words of Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon!"

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I'd rather have REAR view mirrors.......
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