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I am making great progress on my 68, and it should be done by Monday afternoon.
While I am at this point in my resto-mod, I wanted to make sure that I was getting full advantage of my dual quad set up. I learned, that in fact I was not not only getting partial primary 4V action, I was getting even less on my front carb. The reason? Well, when I initially listened to my instructors at school, and hooked up the progressive linkage in a 1:1 ratio. That was too much fuel in traffic, or idling, or anytime I didn't want to be at WOT.
So I adjusted the sliders of the linkage, so that I was getting more progressive action. Today, after a couple of frustrating hours, we finally figured out the flaw in that thinking!
The primary carb is in fact routed through the "big" ring on the carb, but the front carb gets installed, using the middle bolt. Badda bing, all of the sudden, I have both full travel on both carbs, but also now plenty of adjustment room on both ends.....
I will only admit to this to help other dual quad/ 2x4's/ double Edelbrock carb users from this same headache! When I bought this set up, it was still "new", and I couldn't find a decent picture anywhere. Today I was able to see the problem, and I just want to include a picture of the whole thing.
The first two pictures show the now correct location, the shot with the air cleaner installed shows how it was set up previously, and WRONG.
That center to center difference on the front carb made ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.......


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