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Sequential Tail Lights that don't Sequence

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I have a 70 XR7 that up until now has been perfect. When I hit the turn signal the tail lights might sequence once or twice but then thats it. My question is ... Is this something that can be fixed realatively easy or is it one of those things that those lights are so old and the way they work complex enough that you should just replace everything with a new tail light kit?
Any help or ideas from the Cougar community would be appreciated.
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Stop hitting the turn signal.:):D:1poke:

Your problem is probably something simple. The sequential system in my 69 XR 7 is all original except for the bulbs and it works purrfectly.

Response to most new threads regarding the turn signals is to go here:
Sounds like a tired flasher. Located behind the dash, left side of the radio. You don't have to remove the dash to get at it but you do have to be flexible. Small hands and arms help too.
I've also found that if the tail light sockets are loose and not making a good ground they will not work properly either. Check the prongs on each socket. They get loose after some 40 years of bouncing around....
Make sure the contacts on the bulb bases are good. If they have dimples in them, they should be replaced.
If the sequencer is good (and the relays) then grounding is your biggest enemy.
Don't forget that the current has to flow through the chassis of the car and by ensuring that the factory dual-ground is still in place (battery-inner fender-block).

A good tune up on the electrical system may be needed: voltage regulator, alt.

Be sure to eliminate the other gremlins as well by following the advice from the previous posts.
I agree, it sounds like a bad flasher or weak charging system. However, the
turn signal flasher is located to the RIGHT (passenger's) side of the
radio. The flasher on the left side is for the emergency flashers.

Vic Yarberry
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When I select the turn signal switch the voltage at the flasher has 12+dc and then immediately goes to 0 vdc. It does not blow the 4amp fuse it just drops to 0. then when I put the turn signal to neutral position the flasher voltage goes back to 12+dc. I never get the sequencer to sequence. the emergency flasher works and all the tail lights will flash with the emergency flasher circuit but not the turn signal sequence circuit.
your thoughts?
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