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April 10th Meeting & Sacramento Raceway

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Sorry for the delays.

Last year we attended the test and tune and it was great. We had three 3 members run and a few of us watching.

Last year we meet at the Les Schwab @ 10:30AM. Assuming the weather's nice we can hold a very short meeting and then head off to the raceway. This will give others a chance to get together and ride over to the track together. Anyways, the raceway is just around the corner from the tire center.

We can meet at the Les Schwab parking lot on Bradshaw Road since there are a few places we can go to hold the meeting and then head over to the raceway after that.

It's $10 to watch and $50 to run your car. Runs take place between 12 and 4.

Les Schwab Tire Center
3606 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 369-2900

Sacramento Raceway
5305 Excelsior Rd
Sacramento, CA
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