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SAT May 15th Biggest Little Car Show - Suisun City

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[FONT=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]The next event is the Biggest Little Car Show in Suisun City hosted for the 25th year by the Golden Hills Mustang Club. That event is SAT May 15th.

[FONT=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]If you check the registration form you'll see a special Cougar category.
It's a great show and GHMC donates a lot of money to charities from this event.

[FONT=verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]If you want more information you can go onto Golden Hills website ( look in the left column for "Car Show" and click in. BTW, if you head to their Club Event Photos you'll recognize many of the GHMC folks who've attended some of our events as well as a few Stray Cats getting their mugs on the GHMC website :-D LOL.

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