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Will you be joining us for Mustangs Plus in Stockton

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This is the 6th Mustangs Plus Display that is featuring a Cougar Class. This one even shows up on the form as Class #132.

We had plenty of cats at the October Display and it would be great if we can do it again. If you get the Mustangs Plus catalog you'll see all the cats that attended in October. It's great to see the cats get spots amongst the ponies.

The cost is $25 in advance or $30 day of the show. Cougar is now listed on the registration form so make sure you select category #132 - Cougar.

BTW, the registration form is in the last newsletter that went out. If you don't have it send me an email and I'll send you a PDF or JPG of the entry form. Anyone in Stray Cats will receive this automatically so check your email.
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