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In the form of 2 boxes marked Antique Automotive Parts

1970 Mercury Cougar Decor Comfort Weave Interior Upolstery Kit-Repro

Funny thing is that Since I have a plain comfort weave interior convertible, the manufacturer had never made this back seat top and bottom. Don at WCCC asked me to send them my back seat to use as a pattern. Don says most guys replacing an interior will go with the XR7 interior because they are available. Don hooked me up with a few goodies for doing something that I would have done anyway.

I am working on my vert every chance that I get, the motor has been professionally short blocked to original specs with modern upgrades and the heads were previously redone. These were the 2V heads pulled from my green standard when I installed 4V heads.

I have read your cars being sent to PAINT jail and I'm afraid that mine has fallen into the same fate. It is stripped down to the bare essentials, sand blasted, primed and epoxied in black. I am waiting for tha body man to patch rocker frames and reinstall floorpanels, seat mounts before I reinstall the engine and push on.

here are some pics of my new seat covers.


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