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I had some idle time this morning and was going thru some parts and found this!

I remembered this guy gave it to me at a auto flee market about 25 years ago.

Is this thing going to clean up? Heck ya!

One small container to boil water in.
Drop in a couple tablespoons of de greaser. the purple stuff.
Bring water to a boil and submerge filler.
Let boil for 15 min.
Remove and wipe off grime with kitchen sponge and water.
Let dry.
Coat part with Doc Bailey's. rub it in to re dye the black.
Let dry, wipe off any excess.
Coat part with Sil Glyde and rub it in.
Let stand for 2 hours, wipe off excess and polish with clean cloth.

Walla, you have a usable part that some would have thrown away.


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