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Not sure of the proper terminology of parts so bare with me please.
When I replaced the headliner on my 67 cougar I unscrewed the metal stip that the side windows seals are glued to. I did this so I could glue the headliner edged to the body that's underneath this metal strip.
There is adhesive tape that goes between the metal piece and the body that I've seen referred to as roofrail foam adhesive tape.
I read article that the foam tape at Lowes would work just as well for this, so I went that direction.

The issue I'm dealing with is when everything reassembled and new window seal in place the window doesn't seem to fit tight against the seal.
I've adjusted the window to max height and still not fitting tight. There are two things I'm trying to figure out, did the original roofrail tape have a specific thickness?
I'm wondering if the foam adhesive from Lowes doesn't meet the original thickens

I also question if I just have some unreasonable expectation of how close the window and the seal are to fit?
I've have yet to find close up pic of the window rolled up all the way meeting the seal.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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