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Based off of what I saw on this thread
I decided I wanted one for my 68', but all of the parts would run around $300 (170 for the grand steering wheel and installation kit, ~30 for the cougar mag500 emblem, and 80 for the 65 cobra steering wheel button) and $100+ for the machine work. The alternative was to use the horn bezel that came with the grant wheel, sacrificing the machined in lettering

Step 1: buy a complete steering wheel with instillation kit and horn bezel ( )
Step 2: remove the mustang sticker that came with the bezel
Step 3: Drill out the rivets from a mag 500 wheel cap from WCCC

Step 4: Remove and chamfer the edges of the plastic emblem as it wont fit directly in to the bezel

Step 6: glue it into the horn bezel

Step5: Assemble the steering wheel as normal

for half an hour of work and $200 this could be yours too!!
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