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Seems that I am going to be taking my cylinder heads off after looking down the intake pockets and seeing the heavy carbon buildup around the valves. So the head has just 25,000 miles on it since the last valve job was done in 1974. Given that what would I definitely want to do with them?

I have NOS intake valves.
Replace the exhaust valves?
Replace the higher rate springs already there with new?
Replace retainers and keepers?
Guides with this mileage???

Definitely put in hardened seats since these are C8 heads.

Next gaskets. I just got back from a local independent auto supply place. Brought out intake manifold gaskets with the L shaped water passage which is incorrect for my heads. Counter guy stumped when I said they are wrong for my application and he couldn't find the right ones. Summit has them. Then brought out a FE timing gasket set which again is not a small block. Again Summit has it.

However, what is the way to go with head gaskets nowadays? Compressed thickness of 0.040 inch.
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