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Hey guys, quick question on a 67 XR7 w/A/C. Among other idiot moves, my "mechanic" was unable to correctly reinstall the vacuum hoses on my heater box when he made the 134a conversion. I think I fixed it using a 67 mustang vacuum diagram and an article on mustang monthly. My question is simple: according to the article, when the A/C is on MAX or OFF, the recirculation door motor (on the upper right of the heater box) receives no vacuum, and only recirculates the cabin air.

Also according to the article, on HEAT or DEFROST or FRESH, vacuum goes to the recirculation door motor and you receive outside air.

In a nutshell, is the following a correct statement?:

MAX A/C or OFF setting = no vacuum to recirculation door motor = recirculated air
HEAT or DEFROST or FRESH = vacuum to recirculation door motor = outside air

Is this correct? (I only ask because the diagram indicates otherwise)

Thanks! Dom
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