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I have the opportunity to buy a pair of C6AE-R heads for what I believe is a pretty good price. The heads have had the CJ size valves (2.150 &1.640) installed and have been pocket ported. They have been completly redone and are ready to bolt on and go. I am interested in using them on the 428 I am bulding for my cougar. I have heard that these heads flow as well as the CJ heads when the valve and pocket port mods are done. I have been putting money away in the hopes of getting the edelbrock heads, but I figured that the edel heads would cost around $1500 to buy bare and have set up. I may be able to get the C6AE-R heads for less than $500 and they are ready to bolt on.

What are your thoughts on the C6 heads vs the edel's and the C8OE's. I could really move up the timeline for my FE project by saving $1000. Will the C6AE-R's port match well with the low rise dual quad that I have?

do you have contact informatoin for Joe Bunetic (sp). I'k like to talk to him about the carbs I plan using for the 2x4 application.
As always, thanks for the help,
Paul Garvin
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Sounds like a deal.

Edelbrock heads are about $1235 complete ready to install.

The C6AE-R heads are pretty good, not as good as CJ heads but better than most any other of the 390 heads.

Sounds like a good deal.
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