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Quad headlights cycle off and on. Circuit breaker problem

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Hi all. I have a 73 XR7 and have removed the halogens and installed all 4 incandescents as per original build. Refurbished the dimmer and cleaned and lubed the headlight switch.
I recall 60s and early 70s having a breaker mounted on the starter solenoid stud but none on this model. All original one owner so it's pure stock and never had any add-ons, not even a radio, stock.
Anyone remember the headlight circuit breaker location. Work fine on low beams but toggles on and off after about 5 minutes with high beams on. I'd rather not do the relay routine if a circuit breaker replacement will last another 50 years.
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The circuit breaker is integral to the switch. Start by cleaning and tightening the grounds on the radiator support.
You probably have a weak circuit breaker in the switch caused by the Halogen bulbs. Luckily the switch is cheap and easy to change. Any part store should have one.
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