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Hi everyone,

I don't have a Cougar at this time (wish I did, but no room right now). I would like to own a Cougar Convertible 1969-1970 at some point. I have a 1969 Thunderbird with the power sunroof option, and thought I would post here since the T-Bird resources don't know much about the sunroof option, and it seems to be identical to the Cougar installation.

I just bought my car a few months ago, it has been sitting in enclosed storage since 1986. It runs, but needs a lot of work. One of my concerns is the inner tray the sunroof door slides into, the one between the headliner and the roof of the car. I think it's rusty.

I haven't removed the headliner yet, but there are pieces of rusty metal loose when I touch the area through a split seam in the headliner. It seems to be the sunroof drain tray, not the car roof itself. The local sunroof place suggested they could possibly remove the tray and weld in a newer style tray to take its place, if it's truly rusted through.

I'm just wondering if anyone has been through this on a Cougar, and if so what do you recommend? I also haven't been able to get the sunroof to open, and according to the shop manual, the inside cover on the door itself can't be removed without the door being at least partially open.

This car doesn't have much rust on it as far as the body goes, so I'm surprised to find this area, which was apparently designed to be exposed to water, so rusty.

I will appreciate any suggestions, and I've enjoyed looking at this site.

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