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Hey all - I have to move soon, and the fella who was supposed to come get my parts car, engines, tranny, etc has up and disappeared. This leaves me in a bit of a lurch so I'm willing to make a great deal on the whole lot.

Car: modded 68 XR7 w/roll bar, black (dyed) seats and panels in great shape, dash is shot though. The car was used for racing of some sort in it's past life. Custom sub frame connectors, traction bars (custom fab from Global West from what I can gather), dual exhaust w/Flowmasters - and a bunch of other odd, but cool tweaks. Still has black plates too! Bad news? We'd stripped the paint off most of it thinking we were going to paint it - then I lost my job last year and things just never worked out for it. It looks like hell honestly but most of it is surface blemishes. The front springs are 750's and the upper control arms have about 5000 miles use on them - came off my other Cougar. No front or rear glass, but the door glass is fine.

Engines: 2 460s. One I'm not sure about, the other I pulled from a 77 Lincoln. It has about 75k miles on it. Either of these will fit in the parts car as it had a 429 in it prior to my getting it.

Tranny: close ratio 4 speed toploader. Again, from the parts car.

It would make a great restomod project, it's already stripped down to almost bare nothing. I need to get it out of here before I move next month so $800 or best offer... and I'm quite willing to entertain the offers.

Im located in Hayward, Ca. Contact me at [email protected]
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