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As some of you know I volinteer with the group that put on
the "Pacific Northwest Historics" at Pacific Raceways(formaly Seattle
International Raceway) The track is under new management and
improvments are underway. Any way I did not take many pictures of the
races this year as I was asked to get pictures of the volinteers and
crowd. We had our biggest crowd ever on Saturday. And some great racing.

In 1999 Vic Yarberry was here racing here, I hope he will be able to
come back some time. The best race IMHO was the "Historic Large
Bore", this is the class with the GT350s, Vetts, camaros and a single
1965 Ford Falcon. The owner/driver, Randy Dunphy has put together a
Vett killer! In the afternoon race on saturday, He came up in the pack
in 3 laps to take lead. This in a car with a ford small block aginst
big block Vetts. for 2 more laps a 69 BB vet chased him around the
2.5 mile track and finaly just barly pased him when, on the back
strech his engine let go. the race was finished on a red flag. The
little grandmas grocry getter won.

This win put him on the poll for sundays race. He opted out on
the sunday practice as he falt he needed to save what was left of his
tires. His biggest challange was that he had 3 BB vets right behind
him in the 2nd, 4th, & 5th spots. It took 5 laps for the first one to
make it past him. His little car is very fast for a 305inch ford.
(bored and stroked to the max displacement for class) it took 2 more
for the next one to get by. He was able to keep close to them for the
rest of the race. He finished 3rd. I bet if he had new tires he could
have held off the big blocks for a few more laps. He did beat sevaral
BB vets and some impresive Camaros. One of the Vets back in the pack
was a 1963 Z06 Vet owned and driven by Vic Edelbrock also a 1966 GT350
driven by Camee Edilbrock.

On friday I helped at a VIP dinner we put on. We had access to 3
privite car collections. Milti million dollar collections at that. I
did take pictures and have them on my yahoo photo site. heres a link,
enjoy. When I get my film done I will post any raceing shots I have
also. Neal.

P.S. Did I mention that the procedes from this event help Seattles Clildrens Hospital uncompansated care fund? Last year we were able to donate over $450,000!

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The car hauler is one of two made for Ferrari by Fiat back in the late 50s(I think it was) They were used up in to the 80s by Ferrari to hall factory race cars and customer around europe in to the 80's. Both are owned by local collecters. the other one was at the races. I have film pictures of that one. Neal.

Heres a shot of the one we are talking about.
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