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Overheating sort of

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I have a 68 with a 302. While driving the temp gauge reads normal. When I turn the key off to accessories the gauge reads hot and the radiator starts to overflow in to the tank. I just replaced the radiator only because I am in the process of installing a replacement air system. Before that no problem. I have over the last year replaced the radiator, the cap, water pump. Also, burped the system for air. While the car was running I checked the engine temperature with a infrared thermometer and the temperature was in the normal range, about 180 ish. It also has the proper fan shroud. Have not noticed any loss of coolent. should I be concerned?
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Have you replaced or checked the thermostat?
The coolant level should be just barely over the fins inside the radiator when cold so maybe 1 1/2 - 2" below the radiator cap. Make sure that the spilled coolant is not the result of over filling the radiator.
Any car tends to temporarily show hotter because the water stops flowing and the engine heat gets more time to warm up the water around the sensor (and in the whole block). If it pumps out of the radiator then maybe Royce is correct that it is too full.
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