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Online catalog sales only. See our featured items section for several $11.11 items on sale now through 11:11am Wednesday January 12, 2011

Reproduction Pair of Elongated Headlight Cover or Eyelid Adjustment Bolts for the 1967 and 1968 Mercury Cougar

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Usually ships the next business day


Part #: 1001141


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This bolt is what adjusts your headlamp cover (eyelid) height. The originals were 2" and our bolts are 2 1/4" long. Many Cougar owners are unaware they can rid themselves of that droopy eye look (misaligned grille) by simply installing our new hard rubber pads on the heads of these bolts and adjusting them. Four adjusting bolts are used on every 1967 - 1968 Cougar per but only two of these custom made bolts are needed to correct sagging as the other two adjuster bolts act as stops when the eyelids are open. To adjust your eyelids, open your hood and look for the protruding small end of this bolt in the center, upper backside of the eyelid assembly. Place a 7/32" socket and turn clockwise until you achieve the desired eyelid to grille alignment. If there are not enough threads left on the bolt to achieve this then a pair of our extra long bolts and hard rubber bumpers will do the trick. Sometimes only the bumpers are needed depending on how much your grille has relaxed over the years. Sold as a pair.
Replaces Ford part number 381573-S
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