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Well, it "appears" that my 70 Cougar will be running again. I'm not 100% sure but pretty sure.

Anyways, I believe my "older than my real age" body is going to need some extra cushion on the drivers seat. Are there any replacement seats that fit, in Black, that wouldn't be TOO thick? By that I mean too thick to get my legs under the steering wheel.

OR, what methods has anyone here used to add more cushion to a standard bucket seat? Maybe just replacing the foam perhaps?

Thanks for any and ALL ideas!

P.S. My real age is 46, 47 in August. I called myself creaky bones because I have osteoarthritis and already have one replaced hip and in a month to the day I get the other one replaced. Also, I'm much MORE creakier now due to falling off a aluminum step ladder from about 6 feet. My skin color now is about 50% black and blue. Nothing broken (WHEW!!!) even my artificial hip is good. Heh, the ladder broke!!!:eek2:
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