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I am replacing floor pan in 1970 Cougar, and the right front torque box has a feature I cannot identify. There is a half-inch tube that passes thru the torque box from upper inboard corner in the wheel well, and exits under the floorpan. Where it exits under floorpan, the tube is green, and looks like it may be a piece of garden hose. In addition to the two holes in the torquebox, there is a third hole in the inner fender. The mystery tube begins and ends at the torquebox, but it looks like a tube could have continued thru the inner fender into the engine area as well.

Wheel well with hole in TB and inner fender, short stub of the tube protrudes from torquebox:

Tube exiting under floorpan next to frame rail extension:

While the tube itself looks crude, the holes are all very well formed and weren't made by a guy who thought garden hose belonged in a car.

Also, a piece of aluminum tubing was inserted thru the "garden hose".

Does anyone know what this is? The car has no AC, so I'm not sure, but the placement looks wrong to be condensate drain.

Thanks for any help.

Kevin Hales
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