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This is a very good car for its age. The 3.8L engine is strong, and runs smooth. The interior is in very good condition, no cracks in the dash, no tears in the seats. The body is in great shape, the car is originally from Missouri (much less snow) and has only been through two Western New York winters. The car has never been in an accident, or damaged in any way.

The transmission is shot. It's a Ford AOD automatic transmission, used in Thunderbirds, and many other popular Ford/Mercury cars and trucks. The transmissions aren't necessarily hard to find, and can be rebuilt for about $1200. The transmission that's in the car is a salvage transmission, from a Thunderbird. All told, the previous transmission swap cost us about $800, and lasted about four years.

It could probably use a break job and a tune up. The struts are a little squeaky, though not squishy. And, the power steering pump whines, but works.

This is a great car, my wife and I have had it about five years and its been a solid daily driver. I've recently started working further away and I was looking for something a little more practical anyway. Last week, the transmission started to go on me. If you have one of these cars, and need parts, or if you have an AOD tranny laying around, this is a really nice car. I know it's more valuable than scrap.

The car is located in Albion, NY. West of Rochester, in Western New York.

I'm looking for the best offer.

I can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at 585-709-3659.

I have some more pictures if you like, just ask.

89-Cougar-03.jpg 89-Cougar-00.jpg 89-Cougar-04.jpg 89-Cougar-16.jpg 89-Cougar-14.jpg
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