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New to 69 xr7 convt project

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Hi guys new to this site been on TCCoA for years. This was my last Cougar project which I got done just in time to take to Carlisle last year,

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Vehicle Gas

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Automotive design

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Car Automotive lighting Vehicle registration plate

Car Vehicle Gear shift Motor vehicle Steering wheel

Hood Automotive tire Tire Tread Car

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Automotive design

Automotive side marker light Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car

This is my next project.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

It's a 69 M code. I've owned it for 20 years (been in storage) I'm converting to a 4spd and going to make it an Eliminator clone conv't. My original plan was to go full chassis, supercharged Coyote with a 6spd manual but I'm not getting any younger (are any of us lol) so I'm going a cheaper route to get it on the road so I can enjoy it. I had the custom 15 x 10 styled wheels made years ago for the rear (coated them before storage so they wouldn't rust). Going with Mach 1 type seats (white) and planning on painting it Competition Blue (been planning on that color since I bought the car), Not planning on a rotisserie resto on this one, just want to make it a very nice driver. I have CPP front suspension parts for it and debating doing something else with the rear. That's my story for now. Mike
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That's a crowd of toys you have in the the T6 yours?
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