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Hi guys,

My PS pump has failed and needs to be replaced. I think I've figured out that I have an ford galaxie -71 pump installed today (ID tag HBA BV1)... I have a cougar -69 with an 351C in it.

Now to the question, I think I'm going to install an saginaw pump and at the same time install some nice brackets from march or cvf.

For the pump itself, is borgeson a good pump or is there something else out there I should look closer at? AGR maybe?

Do you think I need to replace anything else within the steering system if I get a saginaw pump instead of the galaxie one I have today? I'm thing of higher pressure in the system causing issues in other places etc..? Unfortunately I dont have a clue about where the PS box, cylinder etc etc comes from. I do have a leak in the PS box so I need to replace/rebuild that unit as well.

All feedback is highly appreciated.

Many thanks,
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