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Hey all, finally went and got a new distributor. Seems to have helped a whole lot! Timing doesn't go thru the roof anymore. The car even sounds different! (Figure that out :D ) With the old one, if I sucked on the vacuum line going to the distributor it would move pretty easy.

Anyway, the car seems to run pretty good at about 14deg advance at idle. With the old distributor I accidently bumped it to 20deg idle before I bought my light, and it still ran fine! Even with the high advancing my old distributor did! Why can my car advance so much without detination? I run 89 octane too, if that helps.

At about 14deg it has a little hesitation at the light, so a degree or more should fix that. What degree do you guys run at?

Also, once and a while the car just wont start! Like tonight. Almost like it was flooded. It will just turn over for a while, and then finally start, and act like its burning out alot of fuel.

Any ideas?


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