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I am pretty new here I lurk around alot there is a ton of very usefull information here. On to the car I finally got a Marti report and verified my car is a GT which I am glad it really is, I knew it was going to have some issues considering the PO drag raced it before parking it some time in the 80's. When looking at it from the rear one tire sticks out about 3/4-1" more than the other side, the passenger side front measuring from the wheel lip down is 1" lower than the drivers side, both lower front frame rails are hammered ( the 2x2 or so section under the front floor pans) both shock towers have been cracked and the drivers side main rail just behind the steering box has been patched. It does not however look like it got smacked in the frontend more like a wheel stand that landed real hard doors, fenders, hood all fit pretty well do not notice a bunch of shims or such, one of the braces behind the rear seat is pop riveted in and the back glass is shattered PO said it was from a tree branch hitting but after looking at the rest I am not sure, quarters are not rippled, but I have not stripped them yet.

Question is since the lower frames I mentioned earlier are measurement points and are hammered will there be enough other points to ensure the chasis is straight, should I take it straight to a frame machine or rebuild all the suspension then take her to the frame machine? Or should I replace the lower frame rails and passenger side floor pan then worry about the rest?

I really feel sorry for this car she started life as a four speed, A/C, power steering,disk brake car, now she has drums ( soon to be changed), no a/c controls and box still there and manual steering.

Sorry for the long post I really really dig this car more than any of the other old Ford/Mercs I have owned and want to have a nice ride when I am done. Only thing better might be a 63 1/2 galaxie 427 4 spd .

Thanks a head of time I need all the help I can get I will post pics tonight some are in my album.


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