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Here in North Idaho we had an Indian Summer and a long lovely fall. But we are supposed to have an early winter, so I put my Cougar to bed for the winter 2 weeks ago. I am glad I did, because we are now having a snow storm that is supposed to last a week. I hate winter so I am dreaming about all the things I want to do with my Cougar next year. She is a 75 in good shape. Her odometer reads 15,xxx miles. Here is a list of things I want done to her.

1-Maintenence such as new belts, alignment and have the tranny and radiator flushed..
2-Front brakes and wheel bearings changed.
3-The back window leaks into the trunk every time it rains, so I need that fixed.
4-The windshield has 6 rock chips in it, so time for a new one.
5-She was originally Silver Poly but the previous owner put a black top on her and painted her a hideous Light brown metallic. You can still see the silver peeking through on the roof. He did not paint the inside of the doors, under the hood or even the bumper holders. I am thinking of having her painted black to go with the top. It will look good with the red interior.
6-The interior is in good shape so I am going to have the door panels glued back down where they came loose and have the rest of the interior detailed.
7-The horn and cruise control don't work, so I need that repaired.
8-There is a short in the hi-beam switch. Every time I put on the hi-beams the lights go out! When I switch back to lows they come back on. The first time that happened it scared the crap out of me.
8-The radio is not OEM. I like the OEM radio, but I hate AM music, so I will probably have a nice CD player put in.
9-Have the rims and chrome redone.
10-The fire blanket is falling apart, so I am having a new one put in.
11-The key does not work in the door locks so off to the locksmith to have the locks re keyed.
12 She needs a name. After the work is done, I hope she tells me what her name is.
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