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For Sale – 1968 Cougar Standard Hardtop.

I’m selling my 1968 Standard Hardtop (8F91J532105). The car is currently stored in Lee Center, NY (13363). I’m the fourth owner of this car and bought it in 2010 intending to restore it. A move out of NY State forces the sale of my Cougar.

My car came from the factory painted in Diamond Blue with a black vinyl top. The interior is medium blue with dark blue carpets and dash pad. It was bought new in Goldsboro, NC. I have a Marti Report verifying the facts about my car, that I can show interested parties.

Under my ownership, the major areas of rust have been replaced with new and clean used sheet metal. When I bought the car, the roof needed replacement, I bought a donor roof from Desert Valley Auto Parts; I had that work done in late 2013 to early 2014. In 2011, the trunk was rebuilt with new trunk floors, and a brand new replacement gas tank was purchased. The remaining body work that needs to be done is replacement of the driver’s side foot well on the floor pan, I have that section of floor pan, the rear quarters are solid, they have the normal rust in the corners of the panels, but I also sourced the patch panels to repair this from John’s Cougar Central in 2011. The car was also treated to a brand new Holley 4 bbl. carburetor. I also replaced the driver’s side door lock, as well as the hinges and pins, and added an additional panel of steel between the interior and trunk when the roof was replaced. I also purchased other various parts for my car; the purchaser of my car will get all the parts I purchased as part of the sale.

When I bought it in 2010, the car ran, and all of the lights and other features worked. The front headlight doors still function, as well as the sequential tail lights. The car is numbers matching and came from the factory with a 302 V-8 and a 4 bbl. carburetor. The car is also a factory dual exhaust car with the optional front disc brakes that were ordered by the first owner. I can provide a full history of the car from the 1968 to when I purchased it. I can also provide pictures of the work done to the car under my ownership. The car currently has 127,616 miles and does not burn oil. The original interior is currently out of the car. It was last registered in 2002, and hasn’t been on the road since then. An inspection of the underside of the car shows a solid car with great frame rails and floors. The undersides of the doors are solid and not rusted out. Overall, the car is an honest, original Cougar that needs restoration. There is no sign of any accidents the car has ever been in, and the sides of the car are straight. The brakes need to be gone through and the mechanicals need to be refreshed. If there are any other questions about the condition or history of the car, I will gladly answer them.

I’m asking $5,000.00 for my Cougar, but that price is negotiable. The title status of the car is that it is not been registered since I purchased it and I haven’t applied for a new title in my name.

Interested parties can contact me at (315) 269-4133 or at [email protected]


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