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So, while I'm waiting for the Cougar to get it's brakes checked out AND with the Crownvic board having some issues I thought maybe a guru here might be able to help me out.

The car = 2003 Grand Marquis, no mods, just a daily driver.

The shift indicator needle has stopped moving when shifting. I've double checked the whole assembly - the adjuster is fine, adjusting the needle position does NOT make any difference. The end of the cable ON the shifter is still looped on it so I'm guessing it's the other end, the dash/needle end that is broken. I've found that I can buy just this piece but I'm looking for a How To on replacing just that part. I could probably fumble my way through taking the dash covers off to gain access to the cluster but I'd like to know how to replace the shift needle assembly.

Thanks all,

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