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Briones Reservoir Tour

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Our next meeting is tomorrow in Pleasant Hill @ 11:30AM at the Round Table Pizza on Oak Park Boulevard. We've got a lot to talk about as we have the Mustang Plus April Show coming up in Stockton on April 23rd. This year the April Show is the day before Easter. Steve Spatola thought that Ron might change the date, but that hasn't happened. The link to the signup sheet is Show.pdf. Cougar is class #129.
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If the weather continues to hold out, we've got to have a tour :).

We'll hold our regular meeting and then head out for a tour through Briones Regional Park. This is the hilly area up behind Berkeley bounded by RT24 on the south, 580/80 on the west, RT4 on the north, & 680 on the east.

We'll start @ the RTP in Pleasant Hill and head out after the meeting. The entire route I've got planned is ~27 miles will end @ RTP on Fiztgerald Drive in Pinole right on RT80. This will likely take about an hour to 1.5 hours. There are a number of other roads to take if some want a longer run. Ending right on RT80 will be great for everyone to head out in their appropriate directions.

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