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If you have purchased a big copy of the Ford or Mercury Master Parts Catalog, and you are looking for suitable binders to keep them in, that won't destroy the pages, here you go.

I have several sets of binders from original Ford shop manuals. They may say Continental or Windstar or Fiesta or something like that, in various colors, but they have the same 3 post expandable setup as the original binders, without the cost! Factory parts book binders sell new for $90 each or more! Don't believe it? Go ask! The material is thinner than the dealer version, and they don't have metal hinges, but compared to the cost of buying three binders to put your catalog in (illustrations, parts list, interior and soft trim) this offers you an economical way to store your expensive paper!!!

$20 a set of three binders plus shipping, probably around $10-14 or so to the east coast. Less on the west coast.

Email me with questions please!
Thanks for looking,
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