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I've been working on a little side project here and I've reached a point where a couple more people's input would really help. This project isn't specific to Cougars, but I figured that since Cougar enthusiasts are known to be more worldly than others I'd start at the top first.
I won't go into big details on what this project is all about, suffice it to say it's a resto-modding enthusiast site similar in nature to this one, though not specific to one make or manufacturer. Since I'm doing all the design on it (and a half dozen other sites at the moment) , that leaves little time for coming up with new concepts or functions. Here's a chance to help mold a site into something you'd like to visit regularly.

I'm looking for two people for now that meet the following requirements:
1. Could write a how-to article on something more complicated than changing oil.
2. Have some background or knowledge in more than just Ford
3. Must have a PC - I'm not supporting Mac / Mac browsers with any certainty at this point - that'll come later.

Sound interesting? Drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll send you a reply with all the info.
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