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If you are working on a restoration project, or simply looking to replace the worn-out or deteriorated weatherstripping this post will be useful for you. With time it can crack and split, making your driving less comfortable. Once you hear a whooshing noise with your windows closed or find mysterious water stains on your car’s carpet or upholstery, it is time for a replacement.

Fairchild is one of the leading suppliers of top-rate rubber and plastic automotive products. The company's product line includes belt weatherstrips, window channels, door seals, vent window seals, window seals, and much more. All Fairchild parts are ISO 9001:2008 certified and engineered to ensure a specific, high-quality fit. They prevent water, air, dust, and noise from entering your Mercury Cougar.

Fairchild Industries™ | Belt Weatherstrips, Window Channels —

Invest in the long life and safety of your ride with Fairchild Products!​
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