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After joining this web-board a few years ago, it seemed there was only one or two classic cougar owner/aficionados in the Charleston, SC area.

Fastforward a few years and we few local cat owners have managed to find each other through local car shows and this wonderful website. We have started an informal cougar club, tenatively called the Lowcountry Cougar Club.

We had our first meeting a couple weeks ago. We look forward to the prospect of sharing and enjoying hands-on cougar knowledge and appreciation.

Since we are so small, we don't have any immediate plans to be chartered by major clubs, i.e. CCOA, MOA, AACA, etc. but we are looking for guidance in this respect, should we choose to be affiliated with a national organization in the future.

We welcome classic cougar fans in the Charleston/Lowcountry area, and even beyond to join us in our new endeavor.

Please PM me, or post on this thread for more info.


Matt Gillespie
Lowcountry Cougar Club

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Good luck with that

That is wonderful news.

Glad that your group decided to organize.

Get someone to put together some kind of web page, and you will draw even more cats to join your pack.

I believe that the CCOA can provide names and addresses of Cougar owners in the 'Lowcountry'.
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