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I need to know which wire on my ignition switch is the "ON" wire.
My car is a 68 XR-7.I am hooking up an electric fuel pump.

Thanx. James Thomas
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Under your dash you will see a yellow wire connector near the ignition switch that has three female receptacles. This is the accesory connection and is controlled by the ignition switch.

You should not connect the fuel pump directly to this wire but use it to control a relay. The fuel pump takes a lot of current. It will fry the ignition switch in a short time if wired directly.

Also, an electric fuel pump should have a low oil pressure cutoff switch so that in the event of an accident it automatically shuts off.

You also ned a fuel pressure regulator.

Summit racing sells a kit with all these components, 1-800-230-3030 or

I recommend you not use an electic pump on the street, mechanical pumps are far more reliable.
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